24 November: Devil's Advocate

AdvocaatDambisa Moyo, Paul Scheffer, Geenstijl.nl... Always anthropologists find themselves watching hot debates on major anthropology-related issues, but seldomly participating. And when you see an anthropologist on a talkshow, bringing some sense and nuance into the debates, you might very well realize that she or he is loosing herself in extensive anthro-lingo, only to reinforce the idea of anthropologists as hippies far away from reality. That while antropologists are some of the people that are constantly in the closest context possible for a researcher with a large variety of people, in their 'home' country as well as some other places of research. A way of doing research that makes them valuable talking partners in subject matters like migration, religion, development, social movements etc. Read more...


We as WDO think we need to train ourselves in finding the right way of participating in public debates that are raging in the Netherlands. We will try to tackle some topical issues like universalism versus cultural relativism, the (non)sense of religion, the persistant development-myths and the ubiquitious discussions on autochtony, islam and integration in Holland.


This evening will be mostly in Dutch, so try to learn some beforehand or arrange yourself a

simultaneous translator for during the discussion. Our next evening in december by the way might very well be in English.
Will the real public anthropologist please stand up!
24th of November
In Ekklesia, that is at Rapenburg 100 in Leiden
€1 entrance fee
Everybody invited