Tuesday night in the bycicle shed...

Mysterious developments involving a well-known figure of CA/DS in Leiden. We persued things until we reached the bottom of it. Climax in the bycicle shed of our own faculty...



This is a movie for the promotion of this new website. The text of our main character, well-known lecturer Dr. F. Tjon Sie Fat, is "Yes, the new WDO-website! Click on it, now!".



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"Dinsdagavond in het Fietsenhok"

Main character: Dr. F. Tjon Sie Fat
Camera: Marleen Bovenmars
Editing: Marleen Bovenmars
Music: Britt Myren
Production and promotion: Reinout Meijnen


We extend our gratitude to Marleen, who did most of the work, and of course to our sympathetic lecturer and supurb actor Franklin Tjon Sie Fat.