Wednesday 9 December: Film and discussion Sozdar

At wednesday the 9th of December we will watch the film 'Sozdar, she who lives her promise'. It is an intimate portrait of a women who fights for womens rights and the freedom of the Kurdish people. We will discuss the documentairy and reflect on some of the ethnographic problems that become salient in the film. Especially to suit our international fellow students the documentairy will be in English.

Time: 19.30h

Location: Magdalena Moonsstraat 27, Leiden (map)

Language: Engels


A description from IMDb:


As a twelve-year-old girl she refused to be given in marriage. Thirty years later Nuriye Kesbir is still fighting, now as a wanted leader of a guerrilla movement. Why does a woman turn her back on marriage and motherhood to choose a path that leads to a battle of life and death? The background and motives of a leader of the Kurdish resistance movement PKK make a frank portrait of the stubborn Kurdish woman whose personal choices lead her down a road of no return.

SozdarThis film is a great reason why the world needs to look at it self and effect of war on us all. Sozdar tells the story of women who went against traditions for a life of sacrifice and dedication to a cause. The Kurdish people were cut out of their country by political policy of the Europeans of the time and have been displaced ever since.

Some would call her a radical, others call her a leader, but most of she is a women warrior fighting for the right to exist.