Thursday 25th of february; Haiti: Is business as usuall still an option?

On the 12th of januari 2010 an earthquake occured on Haiti. The emergency relief started immediatly. But.....Is this emergency relief what the country needs? More importantly, what will the future bring? On the 25th of Februari presents WDO a evening of discussion about Haiti and the role emergency relief plays with the reconstruction of the country. Mr. Boudwijn Piscaer, business developer with experience in the Carribean, Ms. Annemarie Samuels, PhD candidate from our department of CA/OS, specialised in emergency relief and E. Prof. dr. Piet Emmer, History Professor of the University Leiden, will give an account on Haiti and emergency relief in general. Former WDO chairman Hugo Knoppert will lead the discussion. There are different viewpoints on the redevelopment, what’s your viewpoint on this?!


The spoken language this evening will be English.


Location: Wijkgebouw Staalwijk
Herenstraat 45
2313 AF Leiden

Entrance: 2 euro