WDO Pubquiz XL

1 October 2013 | Odessa | Apr. 45 attendees


We held our smashing Pubquiz XL on the first of October. This edition of our annualy returning activity was extended, in celebration of three lustra: the 85th anniversary of the WDO, the 20th anniversary of Itiwana and the 50th anniversary of the Faculty for Social and Behavioral Studies. There was an excellent turn-out whereby the Odessa was cosily filled with enthusiastic anthropologists, ready to rack their brains. The teams 'The Myth', 'Epic', 'The Village People', 'Pussy Riot', 'Back to the Future' and 'Jim', challenged each other while enjoying a refreshing drink. Also present were five judges: Tommie Metselaar, Tessa Minter, Hugo Knoppert, Floor Hendriks and Maarten Vreeburg. They judged the participants on their preformance during a flag round, a borderless facts round and a series of 'the odd one out' questions. They were furthermore judged on their debates skills, with two statements. The team that answered the bonus question correctly had to dance the lustrum dance headlong on the song 'No Limits'. Although they didn't exactly execute this flawlessly, it was still fun for the rest to watch. This team, the Village People, eventually won the pubquiz and thus well deserved the lustrum gala tickets they won! Wij also want to thank everyone for their enthusiastic contribution to our pubquiz. The WDO is happy to watch back on a succesful first activity of this year!