'Between the Art of Religion And the Erotics of Pop'
Islamic pop culture in South-Eastern Asia
11th of  June 2009 | at Huize 'De Singelaer', Leiden | 27 participants


Ga naar de foto'sOur own lecturer and researcher Bart Barendregt came to discuss with us islamic pop music, culture and religion on a warm summer night. He argued that scholars of religion in South-East Asia should focus more on popular culture and less on the canonical texts. His contention is that the main arguments that are transforming societies in this region are brought forward in discussions about islamic pop music. This genre is inherently balancing a thin rope between religion, tradition, arts and modernity, pop, erotics and mass-adoration.


RaihanHe treated us with his extensive collection of islamic pop music, called nasyid in SE Asia. After an introduction by him with musical notes we discussed Islam, modernity, popular and music culture, religion, globalization and how all these themes come together in a very visible way in the nasyid music genre.


Concert of the famous nasyid band Raihan: