Wulabird fieldwork night 2009
14th of May 2008 | Marinus v/d Lubbezaal, Leiden | 67 attending


2009_wula_kleinThe Wulabird night is a famous and immensly popular WDO activity with a history that dates back into the previous century (1992 some people even say). This night of fieldwork storytelling recently got an extra flavour when the sketches of the WDO board that used to spice up the stories gained an unprecendented level of sophistication. But central are of course, and this year there was no difference, the stories told by masterstudents just returned from their first, life-changing (or at least exciting) fieldwork period.

They share on this night some of the most adventorous, humourous, embarrassing, illuminating and emotional moments from the initiation period that brought them anthropological adulthood.Traditionally a welcome-back ritual is the climax, which bytheway produces nice pictures...


This year Marlies, Marlous, Marjon, Kathryn, Sanne and Jenna captivated the audience with some truly amazing stories. In the end though the spectators had to choose only one story that most appealed them: Sanne won the illustrous Wulabird. Her story about her experiences with dance-hall music and especially the way she told it had enchanted many.