Lustrumsymposium WDO - 27 and 28 November 2008

WDO_Symposium_CollageOn thursday the 27th and Friday the 28st of November 2008 the WDO celebrated its 80th anniversary with a two-day international symposium. Our theme was:


''Anthropology and controversy: rethinking the position of the anthropologist through contested research''


This theme has been chosen because a social scientist is always positioning him/herself in relation to the various groups that are part of the research. When dealing with controversial subjects, it is even more difficult to elaborate on differing perspectives, as the parties involved themselves find the subject of research a delicate one. Through research of this sort – for example, research on guerrilla fighters, oppressed minority groups, environmental conflicts, and the practices of an occupying army – reflections on practical, methodological, and ethical issues become crucial.


Here you find a further elaboration on the theme.


The key-note speakers and their lectures we were proud to be able to present to you are:


  • Prof. Dr. P. Bourgois (Pennsylvania University)

“In Search of a Good-Enough Engaged Anthropology of Violence: A 25 Year Ethnographic Retrospective”


  • Drs. M. Postma (Leiden University)

“Access, Ethics and Loyalties: the camera as a platform in a humanitarian crisis situation”


  • Prof. Dr. J. Keenan (SOAS London)

“The ethics of anthropological engagement in a neoliberal world”


  • Prof. Dr. R. Stade (Malmo University)

“Victimless ethnography? Anthropology’s changing triangulations”


  • Prof. Dr. S. Hutchinson (Madison University)

"Perilous knowledge: Reflections on the ethical challenges of war zone ethnographic research"


Read reports, view pictures, go to further information on the key-note speakers or check the programme.




Pictures day 1

(27th November 2008)

Pictures day 2

(28th November 2008)