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2010_april_inheemse_bevolkingOp dinsdagavond 6 april vanaf 19.30u zal er op Magdalena Moonsstraat 27 een avond plaatsvinden over inheemse bevolking en hun representatie. Op deze avond zal dr. Gerard Persoon een introductie geven over inheemse bevolkingen en de rol van representatie en authenticiteit bij het omgaan met inheemse bevolkingen. Daarna zal Phd Tessa Minter, die nog geen week terug is van het doen van haar promotie onderzoek ‘Facilitating the participation of the Agta in the Protected Area Management Board of the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park, the Philippines (2007 - 2008)’, vertellen over dit onderzoek met de nadruk op de rol van de inheemsen in de gebieden van haar onderzoek.



'This is the news'
Read your newspaper with an anthropological eye.


On thursday the 22nd of october we organised a discussion night titled 'This is the news, have a look at your newspaper from an antropological point of view'. With a small group we discussed some recent newspaper or internet articles that the participants brought with them.

Below is a further description of this evening in Dutch. Check out the English articles that are linked to below, and the fantastic speech of Novogratz we discussed shortly.

Thursday 25th of february; Haiti: Is business as usuall still an option?

On the 12th of januari 2010 an earthquake occured on Haiti. The emergency relief started immediatly. But.....Is this emergency relief what the country needs? More importantly, what will the future bring? On the 25th of Februari presents WDO a evening of discussion about Haiti and the role emergency relief plays with the reconstruction of the country. Mr. Boudwijn Piscaer, business developer with experience in the Carribean, Ms. Annemarie Samuels, PhD candidate from our department of CA/OS, specialised in emergency relief and E. Prof. dr. Piet Emmer, History Professor of the University Leiden, will give an account on Haiti and emergency relief in general. Former WDO chairman Hugo Knoppert will lead the discussion. There are different viewpoints on the redevelopment, what’s your viewpoint on this?!


The spoken language this evening will be English.


Wednesday 9 December: Film and discussion Sozdar

At wednesday the 9th of December we will watch the film 'Sozdar, she who lives her promise'. It is an intimate portrait of a women who fights for womens rights and the freedom of the Kurdish people. We will discuss the documentairy and reflect on some of the ethnographic problems that become salient in the film. Especially to suit our international fellow students the documentairy will be in English.

Time: 19.30h

Location: Magdalena Moonsstraat 27, Leiden (map)

Language: Engels


A description from IMDb:

Controversy is Part of the Job, Leiden - 'The future is so bright I gotta wear shades'
23 October 2008 | 't Keizertje, Leiden | 34 attending


The WDO evenings organized in four different cities under the title "Controversy is part of the job" were meant to spark interest in the (theme of) the grand Lustrumsymposium. These events turned out to be gems in their own right. The one in Leiden certainly came up to the high expectations with as speakers our inspiring lecturers Sabine Luning, Marianne Maeckelbergh and Erik Bähre. Their view on the theme, personal stories and critical reflexivity gave an insight into the deeply complicated and awkward situations one can find oneself in while doing long-term research. Their openness and self-criticism inspired the students cramped in the small but cosy café attic to (re)consider their viewpoints on the ethics of research and being researcher.


Below you'll find a further report of the evening, previously published in the ICA, the CA/OS magazine published by student association Itiwana. We are very glad the ICA approved to republish it here.

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