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Het WDO organiseerde op 23 februari onderstaande activiteit. Een verslag volgt.
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Perspectives on deforestation crimes and conflict in the Amazon



Date: 23 February
Location: Studenten Ekklesia, Rapenburg 100, Leiden
Time: 20.30u


Dr. Tim Boekhout van Solinge is doing research on illegal logging activities in the green criminology field in the Amazon area.



Needless to say that these logging activities have negative consequences for the native inhabitants and biodiversity. Tropical logging is big business, but not solely for its mahogany wood. E.g. vast areas of tropical rainforests are cut down and transformed in to soj plantations. The Netherlands are the largest importer of soj on behalf of feeding 'our' cattle.




Who is responsible? Governments or consumers? Do we buy a dead piece of rainforest when we go to the supermarket for some beef? Are we supporting illegal logging activities financially while whenever we see a WWF add, we agree something should be done? Or is this problem so engrained in our society that we, as individuals, can't do a thing about it? If we can... what is it?



On this night Dr. Tim Boekhout van Solinge will come to inform us on green criminology and together we intend to unravel and discuss this ongoing problem in order to come to solutions.